Carnival of Aces Topics

It would be my luck to finally think of an answer to the CoA prompt this month the LAST DAY OF THE MONTH. So I consider it too late to make a formal submission, but I still want to write to the prompt and while I’m at it I might as well post some snippets for all the other prompts I’ve missed.

If you are unfamiliar with the Carnival of Aces, click here. It’s really fun and I completely recommend or try starting one of your own. It’s a good way to promote a topic, get people thinking and involved, and at the same time promote your blog. 

Table of Contents:

Reason I should Have Known I was asexual” -from CoA Nov 2015
Aromanticism & the Aromantic Spectrum” -from CoA Oct 2015
Staying in the Closet” -from CoA Dec 2015 (posted to my other blog)

-To Be Continued


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