Coming Out

I probably shouldn’t have done that.

Here’s what “coming out” as an asexual looked like for me:

I told my sister and her reaction was like “Well, duh. I knew that.” She was actually really supportive UNTIL she insisted that I tell my parents. At that time I thought,”what’s the harm” because I considered my parents to be progressive thinkers and nothing like those parents who disowned their kid for being gay or lesbian.

I wasn’t 100% ready to tell my parents. It was spur of the moment. So coming out to my parents didn’t go as well as I had hoped. My parents didn’t believe me. They said I just hadn’t “met the right one yet”, which I found hurtful. I haven’t touched on the subject with them since then.

I’ve only confessed to being aromantic and agender in an anonymous setting. I haven’t told anyone in my family or any of my friends. I’m not ready for that.

In a perfect world I would be able to be myself. Living through the 1990s I feel like that was a core moral of every children’s show of that decade. “Be Youself”. The writers couldn’t think of a plot for that episode so it was just “Be Yourself” and they won the day, yay!

I kinda want to see an episode where “Be Yourself” doesn’t work. I want to see the poor schmuck be like “This should work. Why isn’t this working? But this always works!”
You know, something for the rest us who need a plan B.


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