I Should Have Known I was Asexual/Aromantic Sooner

I should have known I was asexual/aromantic sooner (I didn’t realize I was either until I was in my 20s) because of music.

People are shocked to find that I don’t like listening to the Beatles like it’s sacrilegious or something to not like a particular flavor of music. In this case, pop music (we’ll save the “Beatles are totally pop music” debate for another day).

It feels like 99% of pop songs (especially the top 40 hits) are all about one thing.

I recently read about a French study that found if a guy is trying to get a girl’s number in a social situation he has a higher chance of success if there is a love song playing in the background. Subliminal messages much? It’s almost as bad as listening to the radio while driving and every 2/3 commercials are car commercials. I’m already in a car! I don’t need a new one!!!

I feel like the music industry (and society) is doing the same thing the car dealerships are doing; trying to convince me that I have a faulty product and need a new one with all the bells and whistles. In this case the “product” is my life.

I wish I had known about asexuality and aromanticism earlier. My life would have been different because of it since my expectations in life would have been different. Instead of expecting to meet “the one” I could have spent more time nurturing my platonic relationships, my familial relationships, and formed lasting friendships. Instead of pretending to be “normal” I could have been honest when my friends in high school asked me for relationship advice. I wouldn’t have been a whole new person, but I probably would have been more open and more acceptingly proud of who I am.

So yeah, I could care less about the Beatles because I need more than love in life. I need understanding.


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