Asexual Erasure & Insults

Source: Asexual Erasure & Insults

I wanted to share this post because it shows the reality asexuals and aromantics have to deal with. One of the first questions people ask when they try to get to know me is “do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?” and I can’t just tell them “no” and expect the subject to just drop. When my brother’s girlfriend found out I had never had a boyfriend/girlfriend the very next word out of her mouth was a shocked “why???”. I wanted to say “I’m asexual” but I was afraid to because I had already had one bad coming out experience so I was too scared to.

Today I live in a world where I can’t say “this is who I am” and be accepted. The most I can hope for is a better tomorrow and work hard to spread the word and let others like me know, you’re not alone.


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