Stop Being So Nice: Perfecting The Art of “Buzz off!”

As I stated in the past you are entitled to your privacy. It’s not rude to say “no”. I read this post on tumblr and frankly I was furious. I was mad that someone felt the need to lie about their identity so they wouldn’t feel attacked. If someone is fishing for trouble about who you are it’s really hard to dodge as serious, professional, flat-toned “No.”

If you haven’t perfected the art of “Buzz off”, here’s the only super secret move you need to know. With all the seriousness of a Secret Service Agent, just tell them no. “Can I ask you a personal question?” “No Ma’am/Sir, you may not. Did you need anything else?” If the only thing missing is dark classes and a black suit, you’ve perfected the move.

Why should you know this move? Because somewhere along the line your privacy, your secret, your identity will be threatened by ignorant people who are just looking for juicy gossip or to make trouble at the the cost of you. YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO PRIVACY.

Just to be clear this say “no” skill is mostly for face-to-face interaction like in the post. Anything online is considered legally published under US Laws, but we still use privacy tactics like usernames and encryption. Because privacy is important. You should be the one to decide what you share. If you don’t want to share, you shouldn’t have to lie, just say “no”.


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