AAW Prompt: Complications

From @arospecawarenessweek‘s prompts:
Tuesday, February 16: Write about some of the complications you’ve come across as identifying or existing on the aromantic spectrum. You can include ways you’ve worked out problems that occur, or things you might still be struggling- it’s all up to you. Feel free to give advice to other people participating if you have any, as long as it’s okay with that tumblr user!

The biggest complication I’ve run into is visibility. Nobody’s heard of aromanticism so the common reaction is “oh, you just made that up”. When I’ve brought it up to people without saying “aromantic” and just talked about how I felt, I’ve had much better results. Another downside to being aromantic is romantic love is freaking everywhere. I pull up my netflix account and that’s literately the first advertised box to pull up. I have to dig a little deeper to find songs not related to the spark, the flame, and every other metaphor for romance. I find myself listening to more folk and folk rock music and songs where romance didn’t work out.

I’m not complete cynical about love though. I am open to the option of a QPP. I like the idea of having a special someone, just not in a romantic sense. #noromo


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