You’re Not Helping Anyone: Examples of Acephobic Sex Positivity

How is this above picture acephobic?:

Obviously, it states that those who don’t enjoy sex are weird or unnatural. Though we all agree that slut shaming needs to end, this isn’t the way to do so. This post is an example of why asexuals will say that we feel ‘broken’.

This entire episode of Glee (x)

How is it acephobic?:

Throughout the Glee episode, it is enforced that sex is required for intimacy, those who do not show interest or abstain from sex are ‘naive and possibly frigid’ (direct quote), those who abstain from sex are just uneducated, and that everyone experiences sexual feelings once they fall in love. Though the premise is good, as it poked fun at those who were against sex education and want abstinence to be taught in schools, the episode is just…. yikes.

[tw for acephobia and ableist language] (x)

This was sent to an asexual who had wrote so in their okcupid bio. Picture reads as follows:

“Just to give you a quick idea here, I have zero interest in you at all, I just thought your answers to some of the questions were interesting.

Because many women on this site think that not sleeping with your partner before marrying them or marrying someone who is “asexual” or not attracted to anyone/thing is more of a problem than you think.

First of all, sex plays a huge part in any healthy romantic relationship, be that relationship ending in some kind of union or not. Human beings, like any other animal on this blue rock, have a single, solitary purpose in this life, procreation.

Now, I am the farthest person to say that couples should be required to marry and have children, knowing that I am reluctant on the idea of marriage and and not at all okay with the idea of having kids, but I do know that as a healthy, sane human, I am given the urge to, like all animals, procreate.

And therein lies the whole reason of my message.

Any adult human being that does not take sex seriously is obviously either far too immature to be considered an adult or is not mentally sane; see “sociopath”.

Anyway, going to leave you with those facts, I apologize if you found them offensive, but don’t bother telling me if they were, because I really don’t care. This was just somehing I wrote whitlist waiting for my….


How is this acephobic?:

Frankly, this is your everyday acephobe who attempts to back their “opinion” up with “science”. Though this person is hesitant themselves to marry or have children, how dare an asexual due the same! Also, people who feel the need to be downright insulting while ending it with, “I don’t really care how you respond… I just wanted to say this!” are the epitome of immature and childish. How ironic.

For those of you who do not know: Ruth Westheimer is a famous sex therapist who was very popular in the 1980s for her blunt ways of speaking about sex! She touched on many sexual topics from gynecology to the best sex positions for couples.

Tweets read as follows:

Dr. Ruth: “Studies say that 1% of the pop. (population) is asexual. To me that’s 1% too much but sexuality is a spectrum so good that it’s so low and not 10%.”

Asexual Pride: “The insinuation that we’re a waste of space is offensive. Learn about our community before making blind, ignorant assumptions.”

Rachel J. Morris: @Dr.Ruth boo. I’m happy with my asexuality, asexuality isn’t something that ought to not exist, or have too many of us.

How is this acephobic?:

You go, Rachel! What Dr. Ruth has said translates into most asexual’s minds as, “Ya’ll are a waste of space because you don’t procreate or pleasure someone else.”. What she’s said is an example of why a good percent of the asexual community are hesitant to join or feel uncomfortable in sex positive spaces.


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