Call for Submissions Carnival of Aces April 2016

Calling for Submissions for The Carnival of Aces for April 2016! What is a blogging carnival? See the master post here! Last month’s topic of “Gender Norms and Asexuality” was hosted by valprehension and you can see the round up of submissions here!

For this month’s prompt I’ve decided on the topic “Be yourself (but stretch)”. What I want to know is how on a day-to-day basis you affirm and express your asexual identity while navigating though established social norms that are, unfortunately, unavoidable. The term “be yourself, but stretch” comes from authentic leadership techniques, where to be an effective supervisor you need to be authentic (be yourself), but also stretch to match the expected norms that come with leading others.

Growing up in the 90s I feel like a major moral of every kid’s show was “Be yourself”. The many episodes would start off with one of…

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4 thoughts on “Call for Submissions Carnival of Aces April 2016

  1. Hey, I’m having trouble figuring out, as I peruse your blog, what your preferred pronouns are. I can guess based on the fact that you’re agender, but I can’t find a post where you talk about your own preferences, or an about page that explains it, or anything. Could you let me know so that I don’t make a faux pas in my Carnival of Aces’ submission when I talk in third person about what you wrote in the call for submissions? 😉


    1. I actually do not have a pronoun preference at all (which would make the most boring post ever) so you don’t have to worry about a faux pas. He, She, and They are all fine and I have been referred to by all of them in the past. I secretly hope that English will adopt the Mandarin pronoun tā as a gender neutral pronoun so if any “Firefly” fans want to get right one that, that would be awesome. 🙂

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