30 Day Gender Queer Challenge: Prompt 1

Do you use any other terms to define or explain your gender or lack of gender?

Yes, I do! I prefer using the term agender over genderqueer because I feel like the former more accurately describes my gender experience. I don’t experience gender like most people do because I don’t experience gender at all. The most I’ll feel about my gender identity is neutral. I feel like there’s a huge chasm in my mind and on one side is me and the other side is gender and there’s absolutely no way for me to make a connection.

I also prefer the term nonbinary/non-binary over genderqueer and transgender because I prefer to distance myself from the gender binary all together. Genderqueer and transgender are two broad of terms and can be used by people who are still in the gender binary. When I say the terms genderqueer or transgender people automatically just flip the gender binary in their minds and neither gender on the binary applies to me. I think “agender” just gives me a better starting place when I’m explaining my gender identity to other people.

(See this post for a full list of prompts!)


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