30 Day Gender Queer Challenge: Day 4

Name some queer heroes, influences, or crushes you’ve had.

This one is sooooo hard because there are so few queer heroes in media. The GameTheorists on Youtube do a nice piece on just how far the U.S. goes to bury their queers. Gay and trans characters are often the villains in video games and lesbians are mostly eye candy. This is because the video game market targets a male audience even-though women make up 60% of the game market. Movies are also mostly targeted towards young men, but women buy more tickets and see more movies (and no it’s not just mom’s buying tickets for their kids). There is a huge imbalance between the marketing department and which sex the majority of the market makes up. Because of this there really haven’t been any heroes or influences for me to latch on to. Even less are heroes and influences that are non-binary, agender, or asexual. A lot of gay and lesbian media that does exist has a heavy romantic element to it and because I don’t have a gender I can’t relate well to trans focused media. I’m a minority within a minority group.

But when I was young (about middle school age) there was probably one hero/crush that I could count. My favorite anime in middle school was YuYu Hakusho and one of the main characters was Kurama: a very feminine-looking male character.


Kurama starts out as a villain, but manages to redeem himself as the series progresses. He looks like a weakling, but is the most able strategist in the series. He’s definitely a character I looked up to because it didn’t matter how he looked because he had the brains to out smart any opponent. I wish I were that classy.


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