30 Day Gender Queer Challenge: Day 6

When did you realize you were Genderqueer?

I didn’t realize until recently. I first had to understand that “none of the above” was an option. Discovering I was asexual came first. I was 25 and literally typed into Google “Is it normal to have never dated?” and that lead me to some asexuality blogs.

I know people complain that cis-persons saying “they just know” isn’t helpful, but that’s actually what put me on the right track. I was in an asexual chat room and the topic of gender came up. When I realized I didn’t just know what gender was or what my gender was that clued me in that I wasn’t binary. I began looking at the different gender possibilities and tried to match up what felt the most of my gender experience which turns out to be a lack of gender experience. It was being part of the asexual community that allowed me to realize “none of the above” was a viable option.

I feel like I keep going on and on about living in a small town in Texas, but that played a huge role in my ignorance about the queer communities and about myself. The sex education is “abstinence only” to which I was like “yeah, sure okay.” Because I wasn’t attracted to anyone. I do find people aesthetically pleasing and I have a weakness for sassy eye-rolls and sarcasm. I find an intelligent (and often exasperated) mind to be very attractive.


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