30 Day Gender Queer Challenge: Day 10

Are you taking any steps to physically transition?

Nope. Because there’s no gender for my to transition to physically there’s really no point. It wouldn’t fix my dysphoria since it wouldn’t change people’s first instinct to slap a binary gender on me. I’m trying to get myself physically in shape though. As long as I’m physically healthy I have options. I’ll wear makeup or certain types of clothes if I want to look one way or the other. Even just looking more androgynous wouldn’t really do anything for my mental health. Instead I just focus on keeping up a healthy mental transition. I use the singular “they” whenever I’m talking about someone so I can get in the habit and get other people in the habit. I continue to educate people I meet or associate with. When I asked my brother not to “gender me” he was two seconds from throwing a hissy fit because the “whole internet was doing it”, but I shut that down very quickly. I reminded him that I’m not some stranger on the internet. He responded with a huff like any teenager would, but even a slight pause is progress. It made me happy to think that the topic of gender is becoming more well known.


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