30 Day Gender Queer Challenge: Day 12

Discuss your relationship with the term transgender

I prefer to use the term nonbinary/non-binary over the term transgender. I have trouble seeing it as an umbrella term for all people who identify as different from their assigned gender because of how binary driven society seems to be. The endless barrage of “either or” is extremely frustrating at time and I prefer to use as precise language as possible. I like that it gives me a starting point for the conversation. Most people today have at least heard of the term transgender and it has been added to the Webster’s dictionary where as agender and nonbinary are still unfamiliar terms for the majority of people. What I don’t appreciate is people dismissing non-binary terms and identities as “internet fads”. It’s frustrating to no end that people were so willing to believe that red heads were going extinct which was a proven internet hoax or that we eat spiders on accident in our sleep (also proven hoax), but are so dismissive of social changes that arise because minorities are now able to communicate and share experiences through social media. It’s a good feeling to read somebody’s post and think, “That’s just like me!”


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