30 Day Gender Queer Challenge: Day 13

How has your family taken it or how might they take it?

My family probably wouldn’t take it well. My younger brothers are white, atheist, middle class males and are very opinionated clones of each other. My parents are more open-minded than most when it comes to race and socioeconomic issues, but when it comes to me they are less accepting of my identity.  I came out as asexual and that didn’t go well and we’ve haven’t talked about it since. It’s hard to know that people I’m close to aren’t reacting or wouldn’t react how I hoped, but I knew this was a possibility when I discovered my identity. The problem is I can’t just go back and unlearn what I know now. This is who I am and having a label doesn’t change that. You can change the label on a water bottle or peel the label off, but what’s inside is STILL water. When I think back to how I was growing or think of a memory I can’t help but think “Oh, that’s why I did that” or “Oh, that’s why I was that way”. I’m agender, and calling me something else isn’t going to change that. Someday it would be nice to find some pronouns I’m comfortable with, though. So far I haven’t found anything that’s really clicked.


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