30 Day Gender Queer Challenge: Day 18

How does your gender factor in to your future plans?

Gender factors very little into my future plans because I’m not out and limited in my activism. I’ll still be check marking the binary on job applications until I can support myself through writing (i.e. when I retire). My asexuality and aromanticism plays a larger role in my future plans or rather lack there of. I don’t plan on having children or a romantic relationship. I’d be down for a QPR, but that requires meeting people who are not white cis republicans (which crosses off everyone in town). I’m amazed at how closed minded my oldest friends are now that I know I’m not an never was really normal. So far my future plans are to take care of myself and hopefully find some new long lasting friendships that are based on more than just location and convenience.

Right now it feels like I live three lives. There’s the persona I wear at work, the persona I wear at school, and there’s the real me who will spend all day doing laundry with Law & Order playing in the background because I can’t afford to go anywhere on my days off. It’s not a “plan” per se, but someday I really hope that I can go to work and be myself. However, I don’t realistically see that as a possibility. I think that’s the kind of thing that only happens in TV shows.


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