30 Day Gender Queer Challenge: Day 19

What terms in the cisgender, GSM, or trans* community are problematic?

You can’t please everyone and attempting to be politically correct isn’t always an effective means of communicating a point. A good example is GSM, which is a new terminology for me. I see the point that “LGBT+” isn’t inclusive enough, but I’m not comfortable calling myself a “minority” since it’s a word that people in power use to describe people of less power. Politicians only talk about minority groups when there’s an election coming up and the word itself is ruined for me because it’s treated as a buzzword.

Unfortunately you can’t force language. Language and words have to evolve organically if they are to be accepted by language users. If GSM is the term that is taken seriously and inspires action then I will readily adopt it, but right now it feels like a forced alternative and inorganic. I appreciate that cisgender is an alternative word to “normal”. I want words like cis and trans to become commonly accepted. I want these terms to seem less alien to society at large so I can freely talk about them an not have to explain myself so forcefully. Words exist for a reason and that is to communicate. The three rules of effective communication are clear, concise, and consistent. If our words are not, then the message is lost.


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