30 Day Gender Queer Challenge: Day 31- Reflections

As of yesterday I’ve completed the 30 Day Gender Queer Challenge and I think I did okay. The prompts were harder than I expected and I noticed a few things held me back on writing the full and complete answers that I had hoped for. The first thing I noticed is it’s hard to fit agender into some of the prompts. I also have a feeling that if I had a different sexual orientation or even a different romantic orientation I probably could have fleshed out my answers more. I don’t feel that my life is empty for not having a gender or any romantic/sexual partners, but it did prevent me from having a long winded anecdote on hand for a few of the prompts. I felt like too many of my answers could have been summarized as “N/A”.

However, I did meet my goal of finishing the challenge and getting back into the habit of writing. My class load is at a much easier pace now and I’ll probably be taking summers off from now on. The summer crunch was just unbearable this year. I feel like I can better balance life and writing this semester AND take care of myself.

Another thing I considered is since I’ve only identified as agender for less than a year I need to take some time to go and be a part of the community. I missed the pride things happening this year because of work and school, but I plan to take next summer off so I can participate in the city’s events. I count that under “taking care of myself”. Maybe I’ll do the challenge again at a later date and have better answers. Now that I’m mostly comfortable and settle in my identity I can take a more active role in participating in the genderqueer community.


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