15 Day Aromantic Challenge: Day 5

Would you consider being in a romantic relationship or, if you have, in another?

I’ve considered the idea of a QPR (quasi-platonic relationship) and would most likely thrive in a cohabitation, but the flip side to that is finding someone who will respect that my “love” for them would be different, wouldn’t be the Hollywood idea, and they would need to be okay with that. The word “dating” makes me uncomfortable because dating comes with a certain set of expectations. I blame Hollywood and TV for painting an inflexible picture of what a relationship “should” be. First date, second date, ect… and imposing a series of unwritten “rules”. I’m also a very private person. I think my relationships (or lack of) are my own business. I wouldn’t be the type of person to flaunt my significant other or post my relationship status on Facebook. I disclose very little of my personal life to coworkers and even friends.

I would need a partner that would also be a confidant. When I’m frustrated I like to vent. Since I’m agender titles of girlfriend/boyfriend don’t really apply. I don’t like or plan to have children. I would need someone who liked me for how I am and would be able to complement my quirks. As of yet I haven’t met such a person. I’ve never really clicked with someone even on the level of friendship I’ve been looking for. So, yes, I would consider being in a romantic relationship, but some terms and conditions may apply.


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