15 Day Aromantic Challenge: Day 7

Do you like physical affection? If so what kind? (hugging/cuddling/holding hands/kissing/etc.)

I feel sensual attraction to some people. So basically if I know or care about the person I’ll feel the desire to hug them or brush up against them like a cat. I think it’s weird, but it means I’m super picky about who I let in my personal bubble. I’m very protective of my personal space even among my family. Rather than out right hug people I prefer just to lean on them or occupy their personal space. I don’t really like kissing and don’t feel a desire to kiss people. Most of my physical affection is going to be very platonic in nature. If I had a partner I would probably want to hold hands with them and hug them. Basically how Hollywood portrays BFFs is what I’d want my relationship to look like; where it would be/look weird for anybody else but that one best friend.


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