15 Day Aromantic Challenge: Day 9

What are some of your hobbies?

Reading and writing are first and foremost my main hobbies. They are the skills I dedicate the most time towards and being a writer has been my dream since middle school. Once I found out my identity as an agender aromantic asexual I’ve decided that I could never write for mainstream and have retreated to perfect my craft in private. I remember being really jealous of Christopher Paolini (The author of Eragon) for being published so young, but I was determined to mature as a person and a writer before I even attempted to get published. I’m also deeply infatuated with science fiction so I’ve dedicated a lot of time to research into pretty much everything. Thinking back to anything I wrote before I was 20 years old, I probably would have burned it all myself and scattered it to the four winds. I can’t imagine building entire worlds and creating believable characters while being in the dark about myself.

I’m also currently learning Tai Chi at my college. The teacher does a very traditional style and I really like all the little details involved with it. Even if I’m just standing still I have at least 20 things to think about; Is my weight distributed properly? Are my feet angled correctly? Do I feel any tension in my knees? Are my shoulders relaxed? Since I can’t turn my brain off regular workouts are hideously boring for me. If I’m working out then my brain has to be involved too. It’s too hot where I live to run outside or else I would do a couple of laps around the neighborhood with an audiobook.

A lot of my hobbies are individual based so I don’t meet a lot of people outside of work. I’m hoping once I’m done with school (ha! never!) I’ll have more time to met some new and different people.



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