15 Day Aromantic Challenge: Day 12

Who is your favorite aromantic character?

I haven’t really ready anything with a canon aromantic character. I’ve seen hints and winks and speculations, but I haven’t read anything that in plan text say “This character is aromantic” outside of fanfiction. Which is probably why I read a lot of fanfiction. A friend of mine was trying to create an aromantic character, but the interpretation was all wrong and I had to come in and say “No, that’s not it. Stop it. Stop making us look like unfeeling robots.” And then they stopped taking my advice, so that clearly didn’t go over well.

I think part of the problem is people who aren’t aromantic don’t really understand what it’s like to be aromantic. Heck, I’m aromantic and asexual, so I have no idea how it feels to be aromantic and lesbian, or aromantic and bi, or aromantic and pan. They would have a completely different experience than me and I would probably conduct some interviews before I even think about making a character.

I don’t know what’s worse. Having no aro characters or having bad aromantic characters. I read a lovely post a while back about how aromantics are often the villains in stories. We don’t know what love is so we must be the bad guys right? Because True Love always wins in the end? I’m really hoping some beautifully talented people out there are busily working to change that. I think we are long over due for an aromantic hero, so I’m going ot say my favorite aromantic character hasn’t been written yet.



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