15 Day Asexuality Challenge: Day 1

What is your romantic/sexual orientation? How old were you when you realized you were asexual? What made you realize it? Where did you first learn about asexuality?

This is a bit of a refresher post since I’ve answered most of these questions already. I’m an aromantic asexual. I was 25 when I first learned about asexuality and 26 when I identified my romantic orientation. I found out about asexuality from personal blogs by asexuals. That’s part of the reason I started this blog. One day I just suddenly google searched “Is it normal to have never dated at 25?” and eventually I found a blog by an asexual man. The phrased that triggered my light bulb moment was when he said that before learning about asexuality he thought he was “straight by default” and that was the same thing I thought. I didn’t feel attraction to the “opposite” gender, so I thought I was straight for the most part and just didn’t have time for relationships. I wish I had thought to save the post because I have been unable to find the blog or the post again. It is my hope that my blog will similarly offer answers to those that need it.


2 thoughts on “15 Day Asexuality Challenge: Day 1

  1. No, the post I saw was in a personal blog and the gentleman was describing when he discovered he was asexual. I saw the post over two years ago so I’m not sure the blog is still active at all.

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