15 Day Asexuality Challenge

Since I just wrapped up doing an aromantic challenge I thought I would do an asexuality one. The prompts I found are for a 30 Day challenge, but since I have already answered several of the questions repeatedly in past posts, I felt it was alright to skip a few and combined some of the questions.

1. What is your romantic/sexual orientation? How old were you when you realized you were asexual? What made you realize it? Where did you first learn about asexuality?
2. What does being asexual mean to you? Do you identify as a part of the queer community? What communities do you identify with?
3. Are you out? To whom? Tell the story of the first person you came out to.
4. Have you faced oppression because of your asexuality, whether institutional or societal? What have other people said about your asexuality?
5.Your favorite asexual Tumblr site. Your favorite asexual website.
6.Tell us about a time you met another asexual, whether in real life or online.
7. Your favorite asexual character/celebrity/person.
8. Your favorite “asexual” book (as in, sex and/or romance are not the main focus) and/or Your favorite “asexual” movie.
9. What is your favorite asexual pride image?
10. What do relationships mean to you?
11. Write something or post a picture about asexuality that upsets you.
12. What do you believe causes asexuality?
13. What is the worst argument you’ve heard against asexuality?
14. What is your favorite types of cake? (Or, is pie an acceptable replacement for cake?)
15. Anything about asexuality that you want to end with.


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