15 Day Asexuality Challenge: Day 5

Your favorite asexual Tumblr site. Your favorite asexual website.

I don’t have favorites. Early on I favored several ace-advice/help blogs, but now that I’m more comfortable with my identity I’ve found the blogs to be repetitive. I’ve briefly glanced at the AVEN website when I was first learning about asexuality, but I haven’t visited it much since then. I’ve heard unsavory things about forum participants (which will be true of any forum, really), but I haven’t had a negative experience myself. I just don’t prefer the forum format. Forums have their uses, but I prefer tumblr and twitter because the most resent post shows up first so I don’t have to read through old information. Twitter and tumblr also have filters that forward information I might find more relevant to the top of my feed. Forums just feel slow in comparison. I wish I did have a favorite. I would love to spend some time enjoying myself on an ace specific website, but I have no idea what that would look like. Sometimes it’s hard to connect with other aces because the only thing we have in common for discussion is our asexuality while other things like hobbies, interests, life goals, and such will be vastly different. Other times it’s just nice to bask in the presence of other aces because even though we’re usually very different, we’re not alone and that’s what’s important.



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