15 Day Asexuality Challenge: Day 13

What is the worst argument you’ve heard against asexuality?

I’m not sure if “worst” means “ridiculous” here or more like “moon landing was faked”. The difference being that the latter is accepted by an alarming number of people. I guess the worst argument is that sex=human, humans are sexual beings, “be fruitful and multiply” and similar veins of thought.

It would make more sense to me if the argument was “to love is to be human” with the understanding that love comes in many forms. There’s love for one’s country, love for mankind, love for the divine, love for the family, love in the form of friendship, and, of course, love in the form of passion. I think the problem lies in that English has one word to describe what was traditionally seen as completely separate ideas.

Traditionally the love for one’s country and duty to country was more important than the love and duty to one’s spouse. Modern thinking has completely reversed the idea of love and placed the importance on romantic passions above all else. Historically speaking, we’re the weird ones to think that way. Until modern times the idea of marrying for love was seen as irresponsible and actually looked down upon as a sin. One needn’t look further than  a high school text book to see at least that much. So with that understanding I think the argument of humans as sexual beings (while ignoring the other capacities of “love”) is odd because it’s almost like we regressed instead progressed as a society.


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