My Reaction to the Election

I know this an emotional time for everyone and each person responds in their own way. I knew early on that this was a possible outcome because of the political climate of my area, but I continue to hope for the best. 

I personally feel like fear was the major winner this election because it certainly wasn’t either candidate. Hilary won the popular vote, but now Donald Trump has to spend the next four years doing one of the most stressful jobs on in the world when he could have been living it up in a lavish retirement. He’s 70 years old and I like his running mate even less.

My response is to grieve, yes, but I also want to take action. All through the campaigning I kept asking “geeze, when is it my turn to be an asshole?” Evidently the time is now. I’m just done. I’m done with “asexuality doesn’t exist”, I’m done with “you’re just a cold bitch”, I don’t freaking care what you learned in school, my gender is real. Basically I’m going to be REALLY cranky for the next 4 years and the next person to make a pms joke at my expense is going to get an earful. 

So I think I’m going to be okay. I won’t have any friends left. But I’m going to be okay. 

A zen student asked their teacher, “I am discouraged, what should I do?” and the master said, “Encourage others.”

Here are Progressive Organizations That Need Your Support, Now More Than Ever, in Trump’s America 

Here’s a bit of encouragement for today. “Times They are A-changin” by Bob Dylan


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