Some Thoughts on Health and Fitness

For my Tai Chi class we do a fitness test twice, at the beginning and near the end of the class. Today was the second fitness test and, in my opinion, I pretty much bombed it. How do you bomb a fitness test? I would say it’s because the majority of my results were worse than they were at the first test.

For the fit test we measure a couple different things. The first one was weight and height. I’m 27 so my height isn’t going to change unless I do some yoga before hand. My weight was back up to what it was when I first started Tai Chi last year. This doesn’t surprise me because work is hell, I’m a stress eater, and I work next to a bakery with 50 cent donuts. I think this change is what negatively affected the rest of my results. I did fewer crunches in a minute than I did last time. We do a “step test” were you step up and down on a step for three minutes and then measure your heart rate after resting for ten seconds. The lower your heart rate is after the 10 second rest period, the healthier your are. My long jump was shorter than last time. Lastly my flexibility and ability to hold a horse stance was the same:
Related image(Horse stance)

The one outlier in my results was my blood pressure. The last time I went to the doctor my blood pressure showed I was pre-hypertensive and my first fit test results showed the same thing. This time that was not the case. I was so shocked by how low my blood pressure is that I tested it three times and tested it again when I got home.

So what does this mean for my health? Honestly, it means I’m not going to sweat it (pun intended). I’m stressed because it’s coming near the end of the semester (meaning two weeks until finals) and work is awful. The reason work is awful is because we’re too understaffed to meet the performance standards that the powers-that-be want and we have a bunch of new folks so I spend half my time babysitting and the other half playing catch up. Yesterday they screwed up my schedule so I had 20 minutes to get an hour’s worth of work done and then run to class in time for a test.

Schedule conflicts are literally my worst nightmare. I haven’t been sleeping well these past two nights because of terrible nightmares about scheduling conflicts. I would much rather be dreaming about world domination. Also, three quarters of my paycheck goes to tuition so I can finish this fall (fingers crossed for luck). At this point I just want a job that gives me the chance to sit down for dinner and has dental insurance. And a linen closet. I’m told the epitome of functional adulthood is owning a linen closet.

So basically I’m stressed, tired, not sleeping well, not eating well, and what the HELL is up with my blood pressure? Right now, I’m not going to sweat it. Right now’s problems aren’t forever. I’m not going to be paying for tuition forever. I’m not going to have to deal with bratty high schooler coworkers forever. I’m not going to be living with my parents forever. Fitness goals are great, but I have to deal with reality too. The best I can do is keep up with some small changes, tea instead of soda, oatmeal instead of a doughnut, and go from there.


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