That One Medium Article Acephobes Love to Cite

There’s a Medium “article” that acephobes like to cite as “proof” that Aces aren’t inherently part of the LGBTQ community. Throwing the link into the Twitter search bar is an easy way to get a block list going.

Twitter Screenshot: “This article does a great job at explaining why asexuals are not inherently LGBT”
Twitter Screenshot: “worldpride madrid is wrong”
Twitter Screenshot “cishet aces in our spaces put us at risk.”

Today I’m going to put this article under the microscope. Who wrote it? What sources did they use? Is it accurate or is it just a hodgepodge of tumblr posts spliced together to look official?

Who is the author? Who is “Kelsey”?

Screenshot: Medium Author Profile

We have no idea who the author is. The author profile doesn’t include a bio, credentials, social media plugs, *followers*, or responses. Kelsey is as good as anonymous.

Just for comparison here’s an author Medium recommended as a top author under the LGBTQIA hashtag:

Medium Author profile: Kesia Alexandra

We can see a short bio that includes some credentials. This author is somebody. Alexandra’s profile also includes a featured article, a Twitter plug, a “Responses” tab, and a “Highlights” tab.

Having an unknown or an anonymous author isn’t the end of the world as long as long as the article can stand on its own. Unfortunately, Kelsey’s article can’t stand on it’s own. It reads a lot like an undergrad paper actually. On that note, I’m going to take a closer look at their citations.

Screenshot: Reference list 1-4, Five Faces of Oppression by Iris Young

The internet is a beautiful thing. Here is “Five Faces of Oppression” by Iris Young. Right out of the gate the first thing that jumps out at me is Young wrote it in 1990, which was 30 YEARS AGO. Secondly, Kelsey references Young’s article not once, not twice, not thrice, but FOUR times using direct quotations. That is PLAGIARISM. There goes my theory about this being an undergrad paper because that alone would get this kid throw in front of a college ethics board. Kelsey is literally just some rando on the internet stating their acephobic opinion. All of their facts about LGBT oppression and history are directly cut and paste from their sources and the is some obvious misinformation that looks like it’s pulled from anti-ace tumblr blogs.

Screenshot: “David Jay is known to be homophobic”

I’ve already talked about how acephobes can’t get over David Jay’s forum post from 2003. There is no “dark shadow” shaped like David Jay hanging over the ace community. Can asexuals be homophobic? Absolutely. Having a queer identity doesn’t give you magical immunity from homophobia. HOWEVER, asexuals are not going to be inherently homophobic by nature or definition which is what acephobes seem to be alluding to when they talk about homophobia in the ace community. What acephobes are skewing (unintentionally or otherwise) is asexuality brings with it conversations about (lack of) sex enthusiasm. A lot of aces are sex repulsed and sex neutral and that could very easily be misconstrued as homophobia or misogyny when it is taken out of context. As is the case with David Jay, but that’s an entire post in itself so we’re going to save that for later because that requires digging through even more anti-ace tumblr blogs. ugh.

What’s important in the here and now (or rather 2017 when the “article” was written) is that Kelsey does not actually provide any evidence that David Jay is homophobic or a misogynist. Kelsey mentions homophobia on asexual spaces, but doesn’t include any examples, screenshots, or evidence despite obviously going nuts cutting and pasting the rest of the article. Without evidence these claims are just hearsay that’s probably parroting anti-ace tumblr blogs.

The last few paragraphs talk about how acephobia mirror’s biphobia, but at this point I’m just done. This “article” is just a hot, acephobic mess and I’m tired of looking at it.

So here is Medium’s form to report plagiarism. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “That One Medium Article Acephobes Love to Cite

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