My Gender is Like a Rose (The Importance of Context from a Linguistic Perspective)

The very first thing I was taught about linguistics is “language is arbitrary” meaning words have no meaning; we give words meaning. Take the word “cat”, for example, there is nothing about the sounds kuh-ah-tuh that suggests anything about a small creature that meows. Then there is the word “mouse”. Is it a “click” mouse or a “squeak” mouse? We can’t know without context. Words are arbitrary and it is only after we understand that language and words are arbitrary that we can attempt to master them.

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April Carnival of Aces Round Up

Here are the submissions for The Carnival of Aces for April 2016. What is a blogging carnival? See the master post here!

This month’s prompt was “Be yourself (but stretch)” where I asked about the daily lives of aces and their ace identity and how being yourself doesn’t always work out. A want to give a huge “Thank You!” to everyone who participated.

Sara (  talked about maintaining invisibility around family and friends.

Jay (  talked about how the daily life as an ace, how being invisible and being their self is the same.

Anonymous (tumblr submission)  talked about discovering asexuality and being romantically fluid in a homophobic enviorment.

Kasey (  talked about affirming and celebrating demisexuality while dating.

rotten-zucchinis (tumblr submission) decided to include part of their on-going series “Of relationship anarchy, accessibility and sitting shiva” for their submission. The post can be read as a standalone and is a very good, almost academic read on this month’s topic.  talked about just saying “No” to the “when are you getting married” question and how they use that to affirm their asexual identity without coming out.

arosandaces (tumblr) makes a comparison between hiding asexuality and Queen Elsa’s character arc from Frozen and talks about wanting to come out. talked about compromise in relationship and the struggle many asexuals go through to avoid regrets.

Thank you again to everyone who submitted! They were an absolute pleasure to read. The next Carnival of Aces for May will be held by

If anyone would like to become a future host for the Carnival of Aces check out the master post for guidelines and who to contact. Let’s do our best to keep the conversation on asexuality always on going. Best of luck everyone!