Apology Statement

I’m borrowing this idea from one of my professors. The very first day of class he got up and said, “I apologize” and it was a blanket apology for the year because some of the material was sensitive or offensive. So I’m going to do something of similar nature.

I apologize.

Firstly because I am not an expert. I can only write what I know and most of the things I post will be subjective. My target audience is very narrow. So keeping that in mind some of my opinions may be offensive to some people, I apologize.

Secondly, although I’ll try to be as factual as possible, I’m probably going to make some mistakes and write something erroneous in nature. If I find such mistakes I will  do my best to correct them. I apologize.

Thirdly, grammar and spelling errors, I’m sorry for those too. I’ll do my best to proof before I post, but somethings will inevitably slip though. Lastly I apologize in advance for anything else that may crop up as we go along. For that, I apologize.

My main goal for this blog is to provide affirmation for asexuals, aromantics, and agender and/or gender-detached individuals. You are not alone.