My Weird Coping Mechanism for Dealing with Pandemic Stress

I’m an essential worker and work in a pharmacy during the middle of a global pandemic while living with my parents who are both over the age of 50. I am STRESSED to say the least with limited coping options, basically whatever I happen to have on hand. If you had asked me a week and a half ago I would have said that I was not coping well. The flood of information on social media was overwhelming, but at the same time I was feeling disconnected because of social distancing. Another issue is my family driving me up the wall as we’re now pretty much all on top of each instead of doing our own things like normal. My dad and my sister are working from home and my mom’s pet-sitting business is toast. Finances are tight for everyone and the Texas heat is creeping in making everything even more miserable.

So, on what was pretty much a whim, I created a new twitter account that posts screenshots of acephobes being assholes on the internet.

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