A “Catch Up” Post

I haven’t posted for a while because of internet constraints, but I sat out of the Carnival of Aces for last month and this month because I couldn’t really make a whole post out of the topics. I believe last month’s topic was children and I have zero plans to ever have children. I’m not overly comfortable with children in general because they’re usually loud and full of energy, two things that are not with in my comfort zone. This month’s topic (I think)* was about level of comfort with PDA and such which is another thing I’m not really comfortable with in general and wouldn’t be able to expand into a whole post.

“I’m not comfortable with children and I’m not comfortable with most displays of affection; that doesn’t make me weird, broken, or heartless. That’s just how I am.” Boom. Done. There’s really no deep analysis there. My family is the exact same way. Only one of siblings is even remotely interested in having kids and we’re all awkward with displays of affection in any form. It’s a little weird, but in my family we display “affection” by/with proximity. Actively choosing to occupy space with another person for a given length of time is how we display affection. It’s weird, but it’s not an aro/ace weird thing so I can’t write a whole post about it.

And now for my excuses of why I haven’t been postings lately. School just finished for the summer (yay!), but I worked 51 hours the week before finals and I wanted to take some time “off” for myself just to play video games and relax between my job hours. I’m still working 40ish hours even though I’m technically still only part-time, but we’re REALLY understaffed at the moment. “Part-time” just means I can work anywhere between 16 hours to however-much-overtime-I-want-to-work-that-week, where as “full-time” means I would have to work 40 hours every week and overtime is harder to approve. Right now the flexibility of part-time is more desirable than working full-time since part-timers still get pretty good benefits and the pay is VERY good. The only down sides are I’ll usually end up working 7-8 days in a row before my days off and I have to deal with idiots on both sides of the counter.

I swear I will find the moron who doesn’t know how cling-wrap works and I’m going to do a physical demonstration on their person and toss them in the walk-in cooler. (Not really, but I can dream.) The new hires are driving me crazier than the customers. Then there was the customer two days ago:

So this older, huskier man woke up one day, got dressed, drove to the grocery store, pulled a number at the deli-counter were I worked and timed how long it took to get served. There were five people ahead of him and when it’s his turn he says he wants to speak to the manager. This guy stood in line for 10 minutes of his life just to complain to the manager how long the wait was. He didn’t even order anything. Who does that?! If you’re going to waste ten minutes of your life, at least order something for the road. I mean, come on. There’s another deli 20 minutes down the road. It’s smaller, no numbers, no line, no waiting and I don’t have to deal with anybody who goes there. Everybody wins.

So, last week after working 8 days in a row I got a three day weekend (praise the gods) and I spend those three days playing videogames and drinking tea nonstop. I imagine once I finish working the next 7 days in a row I’ll be doing something similar. However, if at any point in time I think of anything relating to asexuality, aromanticism, or agender I’ll be sure to post it. Until then, I’ll be mostly be dealing with stress, idiots, and leveling up. My life as an aromantic agender asexual everyone. Ta-da.

*Edit: Oops, I lied. This month’s topic was about “Kissing, Hand Holding, and Bedsharing” but I didn’t want to do a whole post of “Things I do not do for non-ace/aro reasons”. It is a cool topic though and I look forward to the round up and what other folks had to say about it.