15 Day Asexuality Challenge: Day 11

What do you believe causes asexuality?

I think it’s part genetics, part environmental. I personally think that I was born asexual or rather that I was always going to present as asexual. I’m the oldest of my siblings so it makes evolutionary sense for me to remain with my family unit as a caregiver/nurturer rather than go off and make my own family unit. The character archetype I identify most with is The Mentor. My instincts tell me to gather knowledge and share it with the group. I’m infatuated with information and information gathering. I think every sexuality is an evolutionary adaptation that benefits us as a social species and serves a different purpose. It’s not against “God’s Plan” to be gay, lesbian, bi, pan, or whatever. If it were against the “natural laws” it wouldn’t exist. You can’t violate a natural law. It’s like trying to violate the law of gravity. We exist because we’re supposed to exist.


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